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"This New England-style seafood restaurant and raw bar offers a daily happy hour menu. Summery food options include sweet corn and jalapeño hush puppies with cilantro aioli and “sizzling” garlic shrimp (garlic butter, panko, grilled ciabatta)."

Eater Chicago

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"If you’re looking for a fun night with kids in tow, head for Oyster Bah. Their oyster happy hour features half-priced oysters for adults, while kids (12 and under) eat free. The kids’ menu contains good stuff, too, including New England clam chowder, fish and chips and, for the pickier kids, handmade chicken tenders and white-cheddar mac and cheese."

Food Network

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"It’s all about East Coast vibes, fresh seafood & homemade hot sauce at this Lincoln Park hot spot!"

WGN Chicago

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Our Team

Rosemary Waldmeier

Associate Partner and General Manager

How long have you worked at QCOB?I started with the opening team back in Fall 2015.

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?Changes almost every day- I really love every song on our list. At the moment it is a tie between "Great Big Bundle of Love" by Brenton Wood and "Too Late to Turn Back Now" by the Cornelius Brothers.

Favorite dish on the menu?Another tie! I can't pick between our Coconut Cake (I'm slightly biased as this was my wedding cake in 2016 shortly after we opened Quality Crab & Oyster Bah) and the Roasted King Crab which we often have as a special (while supplies last).

Favorite drink?Always a crisp and minerally glass of Chablis- its pairs beautifully with both our Oysters on the Half Shell and our Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs.

Donny Farrell

Executive Chef

How long have you worked at QCOB?I was fortunate enough to be asked to be part of the opening team as a sous chef in December 2015.

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?Curtis Mayfield- Diamond in the Back, every time I hear it all I can think about is sitting at the bar and eating ice cold oysters.

Favorite dish on the menu?The Seared Sea Scallops are my favorite dish on my menu right now. I love the brightness of the lime, richness of the butter, and sweetness from the corn compliments the scallops. It’s a really great bite.

Favorite drink?My favorite thing to drink at oyster is a Hendrick’s gin martini straight up and Rudy (our bartender) makes a mean one. It’s my favorite way to start a meal.

Christina Smith


How long have you worked at QCOB?Since the very beginning, when we could talk through the floors at each other over loud power tools and when we would build things out of construction boxes to create a visualization.

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?I like when we get surprise visits from songs that don’t belong... oh Beyoncé single ladies are welcome to dine with us but not entertain us over the speakers.

Favorite dish on the menu?Crab Knuckles! Perfection of indulgence

Favorite drink?Double fisting a Jolie Folle Rose & Banana Hammock

Jennifer Steadman


How long have you worked at QCOB?I have been with QCOB since April of 2018.

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?My favorite song is "Brandy (You're a fine girl)" by Looking Glass - I embarrassingly sing along to it every time it comes on.

Favorite dish on the menu?The King Crab & Crab Cake Combo is my current crave worthy order!

Favorite drink?I'll take an ice cold draft beer at the bar any night of the week! Really enjoying the rotating selections from Oyster Beer Co. at the moment!

Emily Smoker

Marketing Manager

How long have you worked at QCOB?I have worked at QCOB for 2 and a half years and with the Lettuce Entertain You Company for 4!

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?Oogum Boogum Song! By Brenton Wood. Impossible not to dance too. Also any and all Leon Bridges.

Favorite dish on the menu?Salmon Teriyaki & the Boardwalk Fries. The fries are highly addictive…

Favorite drink?The Starb’rd. Tequila & grapefruit...yes please!

Bill Nevruz

Executive Partner

How long have you worked at QCOB?I have been with Quality Crab & Oyster Bah since the very beginning, December 2015.

Favorite song on the QCOB playlist?My favorite song is "Stuck in the Middle With You", by the Stealer Wheel. It's from one of my favorite movies, Reservoir Dogs!

Favorite dish on the menu?Give me the Fried Chicken and Crab Legs combo, and make sure you give me plenty of Four Letter Hot Sauce too!

Favorite drink?There's nothing like an ice cold Miller High Life hanging at the bar on a game night.